Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Twenty One Pilots Book Tag

Twenty One Pilots is one of my favorite bands and guess what Lefty from the Left Handed Book Lover created a tag and I'm so excited to be able to do it. Here is the Twenty One Pilots Book Tag

The Pantaloon-A Book Set in A Different Period
"You have learned
way too soon;
you should never trust pantaloons"
Clockwork Angel
This is the book that got me addicted Cassandra Clare. I love everything about this book and series. Cassandra Clare's writing really drags you into the world. The characters make reading this series so much more enjoyable and the romance is like the topping on the cake. Clockwork Princess' ending is just perfect.

Addicted with a Pen: A series you wish that had more books
"I'm only at it again as an addict with a pen."
It seems just like yesterday that I was finishing the last book to this series. It actually has been six years since I read any Brandon Mull books. I just remember wanting more and wanting my ship to happen. Bandon Mull should make a spin off series where the characters are older and then my ship can happen. I actually just really want more of this world.

Ride- A Book that took a long time to finish
"I'm falling so I'm taking my time on my ride
Into the Wild
It took me a month to finish this book and that's all I have to say.

House of Gold-A book with gold on the cover
"She asked me, 'Son, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when your father turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?'

I will make you queen of everything you see,
I'll put you on the map,
I'll cure you of disease."
This is the second book in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I love this series and need to reread and experience Will Herondale all over again.

Tear In My Heart - A book that has a really great romance
"She's the tear in my heart, I'm alive,
She's the tear in my heart, I'm on fire,
She's the tear in my heart, Take me higher,
Than I've ever been."
Throne of Glass
Do I have to say anything about this? It is Sarah J. Maas that's all being stated.

Ode To Sleep - A book that you stayed up all night reading
"I'll stay awake,
'Cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight."
I loved this series and I really need to re-read it soon. I stayed up about two hours passed the time I should be sleeping to wake up for school in the morning. I really want more of this world and series. Just to know the Day and June happened. I have yet to read the Young Elites, but I hope to get to my hands on this within the year. 

Fake You Out - A book with an ending you didn't see coming
"And I'll fall down
And I'll break down
And I'll fake you out
All I wanna"
All I have to say is why?

Not Today - A book you keep putting off reading
"Heard you say, 'not today,'
Tore the curtains down, windows open now, make a sound,
Heard your voice, 'there's no choice,'
Tore the curtains down, windows open now, make a noise."
I need to read this. I been putting it off for months now and I feel so bad. I love Cassandra Clare and all of her books. I absolutely can't wait to continue to reading about this world. I heard fantastic things about the book. I have no clue why I haven't read this book yet, maybe I don't want to wait for the next book?

I hope you guys enjoy this post. I had fun time making it. I'm so glad there is a Twenty-One Pilots book tag out there. I encourage you guys to go listen to them. Especially their new song for the Sucide Squad track, Heathens.  Remember keep looking for you Once Upon A Time.

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  1. Thanks so much for participating! I love spreading the word about my favorite books and my favorite band and I'm so happy that you're doing it too! There are some great choices here! I almost picked Clockwork Angel for the first question as well!