Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Introduction Post Again!?!

Hello, my name is Cheyenne, and welcome to my blog, Once Upon A Time A Review. I started this blog on Blogger, but soon moved to Wordpress because of difficulties I was having on here. It was just going to be a temporary fix, but it moved into a year and a few months. I feel like I improved a lot since then and I'm working on improving everyday. I'm really happy to be back on blogger. This is the last time I'm moving around my blog to a different platform.

I feel like this blog is going to be a fresh start for me; to show people that I'm serious about blogging. It's something that I will continue doing until I no longer have the desire to a read book. It's sort of like a place where I can show my creativity to the world. It will eventually show how far I came from that high school freshman. I hope to gain more experiences this year and make everything count.

Blogging isn't about the followers, or gaining arcs it's suppose to be fun. I'm not the type of person who cares a lot about having tons of followers, it would be nice, but not priority. I just want to show the world about the wonders of reading. If I could get someone who never read a book to read book or see someone find a new favorite, then everything would be worth it.

If you new sorry, I got serious for a moment. Welcome,I hope you have fun learning about me and my taste for books. I personally can't wait to make some great friends. I love chatting about books and doing discussions. Feel free to comment below. Remember keep looking for your once upon a time.


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