Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Blogging Routine

Welcome to another BTS for Bloggers post, today I will be sharing my blogging routine. I finally go into a blogging routine and I would love to share this with everyone. The reason I'm doing this post is because when I first started blogging I was clue lists and I would search for posts like this and I couldn't find any sort of thing like it. I'm really hoping this gives some inspiration to try this method out or find something that works for you guys. I like this because it is very flexible and I can shift around most likely this will be something I do during the weekend, but as of right now I do it more freely.  Let's jump into the post.


Blogging every single day doesn't work for me because I personally put way too much pressure on myself. I worry about whether I will have a post or not going up a certain day. Worrying is something I'm trying to diminish in my life and especially once school starts. What works for me is blogging twice a week. One day I will write five or six posts and then edit and schedule them to post on twitter. In order for this to work I you have to have a couple days of prepping an idea on what you want to write.

The very first thing I do is write to make this work is to write down a certain number of posts that I want to write. Here are the posts that I want to write for this particular week that I'm on.

Yearbook Review
My Planner System
Avatar Review
Bookish Hangman
My Blogging Routine

You should have seen most of this posts by now expect you won't be seeing the Avatar Review until next month sometime. I write up these posts and add in where I want to put photos or banners. Those won't be placed in until the editing day. I normally do a photoshoot so I can take the nessarcy photos the day of editing. I been putting behind the scenes on Instagram. I'm currently using Fotojet to make any pictures and I will either edit them on my laptop or just use my kindle photo editing.

For when it comes to writing reviews I normally write the review the day of or the day after on goodreads then post it on blog eventually, but I think I'm going to start writing a partial review on goodreads and then have the full review here, but that is a different story. I find that if I wait too long then I will forget what the book is about. Some people do reading journals, but I'm not really sure about that. If any of you have done a reading journal or has one I would love to know what you think about it.

Over the week I will do other blogish things like read blogs, comment,  reply to comments, find new blogs. I think it is important to stay active as much as possible. I'm a really shy person so I might do twitter chats every now and then. Speaking about twitter chats I'm going to be hosting a twitter chat on August 28th at 1:00 pm EST for the BTS school season. I will be posting a post with more information about and how you can participate. If you have a post that deals with the 2016-2017 BTS season I would love to see them, use the hastag #BTSbloggers. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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