Monday, August 15, 2016

Back To School Supplies

Welcome to the first official BTS post in my series Back To School For Bloggers. Today I will be showing you all the school supplies I am using for the 2016-2017 school year. I will  try to leave a detail list of the items and pricing below. Disclaimer I did have some left over supplies from last year like the highlighters, the binders, the big stack of paper, and the on 5 subject notebook. I also wanted to put in that no way am I bragging about I got. I won't be going into depth on these supplies some of them I have certain posts plan for and will go more in depth for.

                                                     Day Designer Planner- Target $9.99
50 pk of Pens- Target $3.99
50 pk of Pencils- Target $3.99
6 Pk of Erasers- Target $1.84
Ink Joy Pens- Target $1.49

At target I found some really great deals on pencils and pens, which I need because I lose them. I wouldn't recommend Target for binders and notebooks because they seem a little bit pricier than Wal-Mart especially for the brand that I love. Target has a better selection of planners set-up wise. I need a planner that had the perfect amount of space to write down everything I need to do on a daily basis and what's up coming. Wal-Mart didn't really offer that for me.

3 CaseMate Binders-  Wal-Mart $2.50
CaseMate Dry Erase Board- Wal-Mart $8.79
2 Five Star 5 subject Notebooks- Wal-Mart
2 Pks of 150 pages of filler paper- Wal-Mart $0.82
Highlighters- Wal-Mart
500 pages filler paper- Wal-Mart $2.50
2 graphing paper notebooks- Wal-Mart $1.84

The CaseMate Binders are a really good deal they are 1.5 inch binders and are super durable. They come with a ruler, dividers, and a binder pocket to put pencils and things in. I think that's a really good deal for $2.50 because buying that separately would cost a lot of money. I'm hoping to get one more year out of them at least. This year I bought a monthly CaseMate Dry Eraser board for  $8.79 it came with five marker colors, 2 magnets, and some push pins. Again I think this is a really good deal considering how much I got for it. All my paper is college ruled because that's my favorite kind of paper. Five Star is a little more of an expensive brand of notebooks, but they are super durable and I need things that are durable.

Notepad- Dollar Tree $1.00

I couldn't find a cheap note pad any where else. I'm going to write reminders on and such and pin it to my Dry Erase board.

What did you guys get for school? Is there a favorite brand you swear by? Do you have pictures of supplies you got. Hashtag them with #BTSbloggers. I hope you found a good place to buy some school supplies. Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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