Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summber Blog Promo Tour Post #4

Hello, everyone this week I'm featuring Katlin from Next Page Please, she did a really fun post in my eyes and I hope everyone enjoys it. Remember SBPT is an event created by The Book Bratz. I have a very fun time doing all these posts. I'm being featured on Amanda from Brains Books and Brawn. Remember everyone keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

Hey everyone and welcome to my post for Cheyenne's SBPT schedule! My name is Kaitlin, blogger at Next Page Please! Today, I am going to talk about books that I loved and wished I had read earlier. Most of these books are books that have been on my TBR for forever and only did I recently read them, and when I did read them, I loved them! I hope this list pushes you to read these fabulous books. Enjoy :)

This is a series that had been on my TBR for basically since the start of my Goodreads account and it was only until about a year ago did I finally pick the first book up. The release of Queen of Shadows really pushed me to finally catch up with the series. I really love the Throne of Glass series (as many other people do) and I'm glad I finally read it but it was definitely a series that I wondered why the heck I didn't pick up earlier.

Anna and the French Kiss
Anna and the French Kiss trilogy is a very interesting one. Yes, the title makes the book sound SO cheesy but believe me, if you haven't read this book, you're missing out because the books are super addicting. I think I read Anna and the French Kiss a while ago but it was definitely a book I had been meaning to read for forever and was so glad I finally did. Such a cute contemporary and a read I would definitely recommend to people who need a bit more of a happier book after coming out of a series binge or something.

This is one of my more recent reads. I read this book in June and basically finished it in one night. I've heard such great things about Emery Lord and it took me awhile to finally read her books. This was my first Emery Lord book and I loved it so much. It was definitely different compared to many contemporaries out there but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I think I had this book on my TBR before it even released and it took me awhile to pick it up. I loved it and wished I read it sooner.

This series is my current addiction. I read the first three books within a span of two days. Yeah, I have that much time on my hands during summer. I watched the movie a few days ago and that is what really pushed me to read the first book. Then after the first book, I've just been so into this series. Vampire Academy has been out for basically ten years now and I mentally facepalm myself for only reading it now. Paranormal is definitely not a genre I often read from so Vampire Academy is something that is very outside of my comfort zone but I am loving it.

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