Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Guide to Hamilton Songs Part 1

I thought I would try doing something a little different on here and that's a music guide. Today's music guide is on Hamilton songs and this is strictly about the songs on the first disc. A disclaimer, all the favorite songs are my opinons, so don't take offense to it if I disagree with you. So, I think we can all agree on the fact that every single song in Hamilton is amazingly put together. I love every single song, just some more than others. If you guys haven't heard of Hamilton first off do you live under a rock? Second off, its like the best thing ever because it combines history and musicals together as one. Now let me break disc one down.

  1. Alexander Hamilton
  2. Aaron Burr, Sir
  3. My Shot
  4. The Story of Tonight
  5. The Schuyler Sisters
  6. Farmer Refuted
  7. You'll Be Back
  8. Right Hand Man
  9. Winter's Ball
  10. Helpless
  11. Satisfied
  12. The Story of Tonight(Reprise)
  13. Wait For It
  14. Stay Alive
  15. Ten Duel Commandants
  16. Meet Me Inside
  17. That Would Be Enough
  18. Guns and Ships
  19. History Has Its Eyes On You
  20. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  21. What Comes Next?
  22. Dear Theodosia
  23. Non- Stop

I think my favorite thing is all the songs fit together so nicely and again are amazingly done. I wish I could go see it. Anyways I have listened to the first track at least several different times and within in that first track I listened to my favorites a lot. I lost count, but on a daily bais. Now I'm going to list my favorite songs off the first track. I highly recommend all songs on both tracks.

Alexandra Hamilton
Aaron Burr, Sir
My Shot
The Story of Tonight
Schulyer Sisters
You'll Be Back
Stay Alive
What Comes Next?

You'll Be Back and What Comes Next have real Beatles feel to it. ((Jesse from Glee sings these two song))Helpless and Satisfied are amazing because both of them tell the same story, but in different perspectives. My favorite part is in Satisfied when they have the rewind part. Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot are another song duo that just are great.

Have you listened to the first half of Hamilton? If so what were some of your favorite songs over the others? Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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