Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gilmore Girls Review+ Thoughts and Predictions

Today's post is going to be a little different. I'm finally doing that review of the Gilmore Girls. I can't wait to share how much I love this show and thoughts and predictions for the spin off series that is being release later this year. Without further a do here is my Gilmore Girls Review.

Gilmore Girls aired on the CW from 2000- 2007 and made its way through seven seasons of ups and downs of life. We see little Rory Gilmore grow up and graduate an Ivy League School. The whole show will hits hard the struggles of being a single parent, but lets not forget the amazing cast and dialogue that's so quick and witty, All seven seasons are Netflix and if you want to check out more about it go look on its IMDB page. Each episode is great and have different moments that everyone would love. This is definitely a really good family oriented show. According to Rotten Tomatoes it has a 90% overall which is extremely good for Rotten Tomatoes.

Each season of the show is one year of Rory's schooling. She had incredible amount of character development through each season. I admit the sixth season she got on my nerves for a big reason, but have no fear she was back to herself the second half of season six. Even after all the seasons and so much happening she still remained as witty as her mom Lorelai. Lorelai was a fantastic character I absolutely loved her, she's that cool mom that everyone loves. She loved her daughter so very much and you could actually see that chemistry between the actresses. Who am I kidding the whole cast had such amazing chemistry all the characters are fantastic. There's so many characters that are shown in this show and reviewing all of them would be a challenge so here I found this cool gif from Playbuzz that might help you out a little bit.

Every single episode is filled with sort of problem and the best part about is that its real. Its not one of those tv shows where crazy things happen. We totally need more of these type of shows out there on the television. I think I covered all the basics of the show I could honestly go on for ever about it, but check out Polandbananasbooks youtube video. She hits a lot of great points, more than I could put in this post because if I did this would a very long post. The next part of the post is a spoiler section so if you look you have been warned.

Time for the predictions,hopes, thoughts, and if you are here reading this right now that means you have watched it. I hope you agree with me on some of these things, but we are all people and we all think differently and that's okay. I actually started watching this show just as they announced that they were making a spin off series and I finished it in May and it took me two months to put this post out, but this is going to be my favorite section of this whole post.

1. I expect to see two marriages happening in the year of life. One for Lorelai and Luke because duh, who doesn't want that. The other is from Logan and Rory. Now hear me out Dean is totally out of the pictured he was barley in the last half of 7 seasons. Jesse came back for a few episodes, but I think both of their romantic chemistry has been put off to the side for so long. This has to happen.

2. I'm curious on how Paris is doing last time I checked she was going to go to Medical school at Harvard. Is she a Dr now? Wow that's a scary thought............. Wait I lied her and Dewy have to get married unless if they already are.

3. What is Rory doing now? I hope she became a journalists and prove Logan's father wrong.

4. I wonder how they are going to do Richard Gilmore's death. If you didn't know the actor who played Richard died of brain cancer which made me really sad. I really enjoyed his character.

5. This brings me to Emily Gilmore is she doing alright? How is she coping? Is she the same Emily?  Emily Gilmore is one those characters who you love to hate. There's points in the show I wanted to strangle her.

6. I hope Lulu and Kirk are married and have a kid. Personally Kirk might be weird choice for a father figure, but he is very kind,caring, and protective over the people he cares about. I hope he has a slew of odd jobs waiting for him in Stars Hollow.

7. Where's April? I want more of her story in this year of life thing.

8. I want it now. Like I being serious I want this revival thing now because I can't wait for it any longer. Just kidding I can wait, but I do really want something of it. Maybe an official trailer to calm me until the release date or even better yet a release date.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions of the show. I highly recommend you go check it out. Do you have any recommendations for me on Netflix? Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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