Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What Am I Watching Wednesdays

I made a meme because I want to share to the world that what I'm watching on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and etc.As far as I know this isn't already a meme I looked around and couldn't find anything on it. Basically this is a once a month post where you share what your watching on the Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and etc. I think this post is relevant to so many people because a lot of people watch these sites and its just to a way to interact with other people who might have watched the same show as you. You might also find a new show to start watching. I'm not going to be going into a full depth about the show because one I'm not done and two I will be saving it for later date. Let's jump into it.

Show Title: Grey's Anatomy
Seasons: 12 will be going on its 13th
Where am I Watching it: Netflix 
What's the Show About: Doctors,love, death, and drama
What Episode Am I on: S3:E18
Thoughts so far: I enjoy it, lots of drama filled.

Show Title: Jane the Virgin
Seasons: 2 going on its 3rd
Where Am I Watching it: Netflix
What's the Show About: comedy, life, drama, love
What Episode am I on: S2: E7
Thoughts so far: Jane is indecisive

Show Title: Bae oh I mean Supernatural
Seasons: 11 going its 12th
Where am I Watching it At: Netflix
What's the Show About: Demons, Pie, hunting brothers, Dean
What Season Am I on: Actually I'm re-watching it from the beginning so S1:15, but I got up to S7:E2
Thoughts: Bae

Show Title: How to Get Away With Murder
Seasons: 2 going on its 3rd
Where am I Watching it At: Netflix
What's the Show About: Murder, lawyers, getting away with things, drama
What Season Am I On: S2: E3
Thoughts: I have so many thoughts for this show. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope maybe that you will do this once a month too. What are you watching on these streaming websites? Have you watched any of these shows? What is your favorite show? Thanks for reading and have a nice rest of the day. Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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